The Horse Skull Bracelet Rock n Roll Bracelet


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The Horse Skull Bracelet is a conceptual art piece using the idea "All Wild Horses Shall Die Free." The bracelets take the utmost in craftsmanship to carefully weld each skull to link together. The horse skulls stand for freedom and living life to the full, playing with the idea that a wild spirit shall die free.

  • The Horse Skull Bracelet weighs between 31 grams and 38 grams, depending on your custom size
  • They arrive in 1-2 weeks once you pick your custom size
  • Measure your wrist and let us know the size you would like and we will make it to size for you
  • Each bracelet is Solid 925 Sterling Silver. 
  • The Horse Skull Bracelet comes in 1 finish. Oxidised silver which is then polished back up again to leave the effect of the dark oxide in the cracks.

Caring for your Bracelet

Clean gently with a polishing cloth or in warm soapy water. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes and creams. Rinse thoroughly after exposure to saltwater. Store carefully in a box to avoid scratches

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