About The WHC

The Wild Horse Club is a British brand designed between London and Los Angeles brought to you by artist Caroline Towning.

It is inspired by the spirit of the horse, whilst feeling the freedom of western riding but with the wholesome heart of the British Countryside. The designs are created for The Pony Club countryside girl who grew up to become a Rock Chick and always keeping her wild and free spirit. She's a city dweller but who can also jump on a horse and gallop into the sunset at any given moment.

It's for travellers, free thinkers, for people who are connected to the earth, for those free spirits who were born to explore. It's designed by wild women but can be worn by anyone.

Most of the jewellery pieces are hand-made in London, the ready to wear collection is made in Downtown Los Angeles. We believe in sustainability and being kind to the earth whilst also bringing you a cool as fuck range.

Read the founders story here.