The Wild Horse Club is a British brand run by wild women. We believe in empowering and connecting women around the world, and we’ve found that a shared love of horses is a surprisingly successful way to do this. 

Whether you’ve felt the wind in your hair as you ride, or whether you’ve dreamed about it, you understand the freedom and elation that these magical creatures can bring. Horses can symbolise so much that is important to us: strength, resilience, power, independence. Women are stronger together - and we’re wilder and more wonderful with horses, whether they’re a real horse in a stable or a pendant hanging proudly around your neck.

 As women, we are often told to be more "ladylike" to tone it down. The Wild Horse Club is a brand that encourages women to be as free-spirited and as wild as they are truly meant to be. Our core belief is that we are who we are, and if that is “wild” or “loud” we will fully embrace it!

We are committed to sustainability 

All of our pendants are made in Hatton Garden in London, we use companies who sustainably source precious metals and make small runs. Our prints are made to order to avoid any kind of landfill.

Female Led Female Focussed

Our core founders and team are female. We are women creating sustainable, wearable art for other women. We will focus on our core customer: anyone who identifies as a woman who loves horses.