The Horse Skull Pendant on Rope


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The Horse Skull Pendant on a black rope is a conceptual art piece using the idea "All Wild Horses Shall Die Free." The horse skull stand for freedom and living life to the full, playing with the idea that a wild spirit shall die free.

  • The Horse Skull Pendant weighs 21 grams
  • The horse skull is 40mm heigh
  • Each pendant is Solid 925 Sterling Silver. 
  • The Horse Skull Pendant comes in 1 finish. Oxidised silver which is then polished back up again to leave the effect of the dark oxide in the cracks.
  • The rope is 24" 

Caring for your Pendant

Clean gently with a polishing cloth or in warm soapy water. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes and creams. Rinse thoroughly after exposure to saltwater. Store carefully in a box to avoid scratches


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